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Comparison of the advantages of the scraper bucket with the scraper bucket

        With the advantage of the similar products, the advantages of the loading machine for loading in the tunnel, the advantage of the slag is that it is small and easy to free in the tunnel. Loader is well known that it is not. In addition, the slag scraping machine for the scraper bucket loader (scraper bucket machine) is also the same size, the same is the tunnel inside the loading and loading of the machinery, but it is more than the same size of the scraper bucket, the machine is more flexible. The slag can be used in the tunnel, which can be used to walk, but it has no power. The machine needs to be installed with the external force, and the need to install the track, while the slag removal machine is not required, and the slag slag, only need to open the machine to loading section, and then the operation handle to carry out the loading, and the need for a series of steel wire rope, play a series of tedious preparation, and then need to pull the wire rope and wire rope, quite complicated. The most obvious advantage is that it can be carried out digging, digging, pushing, pulling and other functions.
        Out of self plant grilled slag machine, advantage is more extensive, I plant slag raking machine site design unique, strong power, full four-wheel drive, in situ 360 degree turn, thrust strong models even up to 10t more thrust. In the case of a scraper, a scraper (electric rake), a simplified version of the loader, is even more so. Therefore, the tunnel is loaded with our preferred PA.

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