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Cause and prevention of oil leakage of the slag scraping machine

In the course of the use of the PA, if there is no proper maintenance or lack of knowledge on the maintenance of the machine, it will cause damage to the equipment. And in these improper maintenance, the machine has a great probability of leakage of oil, we have to learn about the reasons for the failure of mining and mining slag machine oil spill, and how to prevent the leakage of oil spill.
The main reasons for the oil leakage of mining slag crusher are as follows:
1, the use of spare parts quality and poor quality of the material, the production process is not reasonable structure design.
2, the slag removal machine static parts of the lining of the damage occurred, the location of the mobile and the installation of a problem can make the oil spill.
3, in the installation and replacement related fastening nut uneven force to the nut appear slide wire or premature Songkuang off but not in time to find the connecting pipe out of the fastening nut bearing and oil spills.
4, the use of the sealing parts on the slag slag machine is too long, those who have been serious wear, aging, failure deformation of the spare parts are not replaced, lost the sealing performance.
5, one-way valve, vent valve block to slag machine oil. Because in this case, the temperature inside the box will increase the oil and gas filled the entire space, the discharge of the canal, the chamber pressure increases, so that the oil consumption increases, the replacement cycle is shortened. If the engine ventilation system is plugged in, it will increase the movement resistance of the piston, so that the fuel consumption increases. Due to the role of internal pressure inside and outside the box, it will often cause the seal leakage.
The main prevention and treatment measures for the oil leakage fault of mining slag crusher are as follows:
1, the selection of qualified supplier of grilled slag machine accessories.
2, be sure to pay attention to pad, selection of liner material, standardized production, because such a liner to really play to seal leak proof effect.
3, everyone in the use of PA, we must properly solve all kinds of tubing joint sealing. Because car union nuts are often removable, easy to slide wire off button and loose; two joint belling precision difference, does not coincide with the center line of the two cone and poor contact; different taper and do not coincide, which will cause oil leakage. Replacing the union nut, sealed with grinding method to solve the cone, the nut tightly and solve the seal.
4, you machine hand regular inspection machine, timely replacement of oil seal, piston and cylinder and other failure parts.
5, the machine hand to carry out regular inspection, clear and clean the vehicle.
In addition to the above points, the lubrication oil to add too much, oil is too high or add the wrong oil, and the cover of the surface of the parts as well as thin wall parts of the joint surface deflection deformation or shell damage will also make the mining slag machine leakage fault. In the use of the process, the machine as long as the machine carefully, the oil leakage of a variety of machine oil leakage fault can be avoided.

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