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Performance characteristics of PA
The machine is mainly used for space narrow roadway operations phosphate ore, iron ore, gold, silver, copper, coal and other all mines and water conservancy and electric power, tunnel engineering of slag mining and construction loading loading. It is by mining and loading portion to be engaged, scraper and loaded with features combined, adopts the motor to drive the hydraulic operating system production device, has safety, environmental protection, low energy consumption, high efficiency characteristics. Is an essential mining equipment for mining enterprises, is the development of the tunnel construction products, so as to fill in the gaps in the narrow tunnel without mechanical operations.
The motor power source are introduced for the external volume 380V three-phase AC power supply, the machine adopts a motor and a electric drum, as long as a single operation.
Scraper includes walking, mining and collecting, conveying, loading four functions. The hydraulic driving power is through the hydraulic motor, reducer, transmission shaft, to gear box drive axle, 490 motor with moving forward and back, automatic braking function, arm can up, down, left and right rotation, mining acquisition of manipulation by multiple valve control, by two long operating rod and two short operation rod control, each operating rod controls the second action, 12 action, in this way has the advantages of flexible operation, namely the large excavator operation process.
Transportation, loading function is completed by the loading part, the transmission part is controlled by hydraulic cylinder lifting, conveying rack can be lowered when the shovel mouth, while the transport plane and ore contact and more closely, work more stable, and can set up the material, flat ground. Transmission band width of 600mm~900mm/, the transmission speed of 600~700mm seconds, the conveyor belt driven by the 4Kw electric roller, so that the transmission part of the performance is more stable, longer service life.
The vehicle hydraulic system is driven by a motor to drive the right lateral high pressure gear pump, the hydraulic oil through the 540 gear pump into a multi valve, through the operating lever to achieve control of the operating device.
The whole circuit system with button, contactors, control of motor and electric rolling. The, optional leakage circuit breaker, in 0.5 seconds automatically cut off the power supply, ensure the safety of persons and equipment.
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