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Analysis of common failure of PA

Along with the progress of science and technology, the modern PA machine generally adopts the mechanical and electrical integration control mode, we have to solve some problems, the solution is the following problems:

1, engine speed drops
First test the engine output power, if the output power of the engine is lower than the rated power is generated fault may be due to the poor quality fuel, fuel pressure is low, the adjustment of valve clearance is wrong, the engine of a cylinder does not work, fuel injection timing is wrong, fuel quantity set wrong value, intake system leakage, brake and control rods is wrong and turbocharger coke. If the engine output power is normal, you need to check whether the flow of the hydraulic pump and the engine's output power does not match.
2, working speed slow
The main reason is that the engine power is reduced and the hydraulic system is within the hydraulic system. Slag raking machine hydraulic pump plunger variable pump, after working for a certain time, excessive wear of the pump hydraulic components (a cylinder, a plunger, a valve plate, abalone board, turtle, etc.) is inevitable, resulting in leakage, the discordant data, resulting in inadequate flow of the oil temperature is too high, speed slow. At this time, the need for the overhaul, repair and replacement of the worn out parts.
3, the slag scraping machine
One of the typical failures of the excavator is the mining. For mining can be divided into two kinds of situations: one is unable to dig, the engine does not hold back, the feeling is very light; second kinds of digging for the weak, when the arm or bucket rod in the end, the engine is a serious hold back, and even extinction.

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