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Safety and economical efficiency of small pa

        Excavator chassis principle design and manufacturing, with solid tire, walking on two motor, double pump output, the turning radius is smaller, 360 degree rotation in place by small slag raking machine, the machine for four wheel drive, large driving force, pick a wide range, full face rock loading and do not stay dead, does not need artificial auxiliary cleaning working face; modular production, facilitate the installation of the well, small body, compact structure, low center of gravity, flexible, stable work is irreplaceable and narrow face models.

        The maintenance of the hydraulic excavator bucket should be down to the high altitude, pulling off the power supply, the handle, dominating the foot, so that the hydraulic system of unloading. Shift Maintenance suggestions: check the cable, socket, plug, not broken, circuit breaker, contactor, button, aiding and abetting the lamp, the universal changeover switch and other electrical and adjacent to the line is not burning, loose and real-time repair replacement. Smooth check the policy adjacent to the shaft, a rotating shaft, bearings and other parts, precision cut after more (every three days) filling oil or calcium base grease. Check the hydraulic tank oil level, insufficient to refuel.

        Internal components of the hydraulic pump excessive wear, such as with the plunger pump cylinder and valve plate, a plunger and the plunger hole and the wear and strain, so that the hydraulic pump leak serious, when the hydraulic pump output high pressure and small flow oil, will produce pulsating flow, causing higher noise. This may be appropriate to increase the angle of the pilot system of variable mechanism, to improve the internal leakage of the pump output flow. Hydraulic pump servo valve spool, control flow of the piston will also be due to local wear and tear, a strain, so that the piston in the movement of the pulse, resulting in hydraulic pump output flow and pressure fluctuations, resulting in a greater vibration and noise at the pump outlet.

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